Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello Seekers....

First name is Rocky and I been looking ways to make money online I had found away to do it by taking surveys, sometime I go to surveys groups and that pays lot more than surveys online that mostly pays will I get payed $1.00 to sometime $5.00 per surveys. The last survey group I done payed $100.00 dollar can't wait to go again when they offered it. I really like doing both online and offline to me there are sometime fun but, no lie sometime it gets boring but I get paid for doing them and yes the survey sites that I gone to really pay and I will place them on this site for your the seekers to try them yourself. I heard by other people oh there is noway you can make money doing surveys or the survey sites they been to never paid them and wanted them to pay to sign up to their sites are others. Let me tell your seekers and keep this in mind it is a BIG RED FLAG when you need to pay to join up because that by fact is a SCAM. Your never ever need to pay to join up with a survey site at all. So beware about that. The site I place here is 100% free and you can take that to the bank. To get paid some site offers pay your by checks or by Paypal. Other sites you earn points and get great things like PS3 or even jewels and others Items. Getting cool things or getting pay for doing things that you already do to awesome. Will go on and check the next page they you will find the sites I been to and earning cash and Items have a good one.

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